Sneak Peek at New Fox Composition

Here’s a sneak peek of a tonal study that I did for one of my compositions.

Fox head drawing

Fox head drawing

This drawing holds a surprising secret: it was done digitally using Painter X3 software and a 22HD Cintiq (both of which I received for my birthday!). To be honest, even I was impressed at how this drawing looks like I just picked up a pencil and some paper and went to it.

You may be asking why…why not just stick with paper and pencil? The answer is personal, but not that complicated. I am a 21st century gal and I want to use all the tools out there available to me as an artist. Creating compositions and doing tonal and colors studies for new paintings is so much easier digitally, particularly with the sophisticated touch sensitive artist tablets available today. I intend to do my studies digitally to support the development of my traditional paintings.

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