Marque is currently working on two new series of work:

“Naturalist’s Wonders” explores the tension between the drive to systematize and categorize nature on the one hand, and the awe and reverence of the abundance and diversity of the natural world on the other. Historical and contemporary Naturalists such as Darwin, Audubon, E. O. Wilson and Stephen Jay Gould have struggled with this tension and continue to ponder it even in our modern technology-driven world where nature is becoming an indistinct place relegated to 10 second sound bites on the internet and in social media.

“Illuminating Nature” places animals and nature front and center in a spiritual space normally reserved for human beings. These works question the idea that the spiritual essence of the flora and fauna of the natural world is somehow more mundane than that of humans.  The idea is pushed further with the use of iconographic symbolism such as halos and other gilded elements.

Marque’s work is currently showing at the Oceanside Museum of Art.