Artist Statement

At the core of my work is a deep love and respect for all of animal kind and the sacred spiritual nature that we share with them. My current work explores our dual relationship with animals and nature. On the one hand, our desire is to categorize the natural world and put all that we learn into neatly labeled boxes thinking that this must be the key to understanding. On the other hand, there is an essence in all living things that cannot be so easily labeled. My work most notably, depicts animals as noble spirit-filled creatures that have their own lives and secrets.

I use imaginative realism co-mingled with allegory and symbolism to remind viewers of the grandeur of the animal kingdom while challenging them to expand their perception of the natural order and to evoke a sense of yearning to visit spaces that seem real yet mysterious.  My style pays homage to late Medieval and early Renaissance art by attending to detail, creating narrative, and by lifting the mundane to the sacred by the use of gilding and other traditional decorative techniques.

We know innately every creature has a secret life, yet only in half remembered thoughts and dreams do we glimpse them. Welcome to my world where all is not as it seems and paintings take on lives and meanings of their own.

P.S. For the curious, my first name “Marque” is pronounced “Marquis” like the title for French nobility. Considering my passion for the Renaissance it is an intriguing coincidence…


Artistic Education:
I am a largely self-taught artist and have taken workshops or private instruction with the following fine artists: Koo Schadler, Katherine Stone, Pamela Hawkes, and Vicki Walsh. Due to my formal education, I have fundamental knowledge of animal anatomy, physiology, and psychology which is an important foundation for my work as an animal artist.

Formal Education:
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 1988
Master of Science, Cancer Biology, Harvard University, Boston, MA, 1993
Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 1984

Selected Juried Group Shows:

San Diego Fair Fine Arts Show, 2013
San Diego Art Institute Regional Show, November 2013
San Diego Art Institute SoCal Baja Norte Exhibition, April, 2014
San Diego Art Institute Regional Show, September, 2014
San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, Illuminations, October, 2014
Santa Cruz Art League, Beasts on Broadway, October 2015
The Studio Door, The Crow Show, February 2016